Dr. Claudia Petherick, Registered Psychologist


Claudia split her psychology training between Australia and the United States. She has a BA with a psychology major from Brown University in the US, but completed her honours year in Australia, at the University of Queensland. Prior to engaging in clinical work, Claudia discovered a passion for research, which led her to obtain a research Ph.D. in substance misuse at the University of Queensland Medical School.

Claudia eventually turned her attention towards clinical work, as she found direct client contact extremely rewarding. She subsequently pursued a Master of Clinical Psychology at ACU and is now a Clinical Psychology Registrar. Claudia’s combined research and clinical experience complement each other well. She believes it has enabled her to comfortably have an evidence-based practice while remaining a warm and compassionate clinician.

Claudia fundamentally believes that therapeutic success largely relies on the client-clinician relationship, which she nurtures by using humour, being non-judgmental, having unconditional positive regard and by genuinely caring for the client. She also adopts various therapeutic approaches and strategies to help clients, including cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), among others. Her interests encompass gender dysphoria, multicultural issues, depression, trauma, substance misuse, anxiety, self-esteem and various other adult mental health issues.