With all these unwanted pregnancies, it gives teenagers and young adults the impression that parenting might not be that hard. If only you can let them experience being a parent for a week to give them the idea how crazy it is to be a parent – especially if you are not prepared. If it takes you a lot of preparation and self-assessment to get married, parenting is a couple of levels higher than that. You need to be prepared physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially to become a parent. Otherwise, you’ll be jeopardizing the life of a child by bringing him or her into the world without the proper support, care, and love that he or she deserves.

 So how do you know if you are ready to become a parent… or not?

  • Do you want to have kids for the right reasons?

    Being a parent is a serious matter. You are bringing life into the world, and you should do it for all the right reasons. Don’t let your child be a result of an ‘accident’. A child is a blessing and they should be treated as one. If you want to have kids just so you can feel like you are loved, don’t. If you want to have kids to solve a problem that you and your partner is having, please reconsider. 

  • Do you have a stable and healthy relationship with your partner?

    Having kids may help you resolve any relationship issues but it is not the right reason to decide to have kids. In fact, if you are having relationship issues with your partner, it is absolutely not the right time to have kids. Try to settle your issues first. When you have the opportunity to talk about having kids without the distraction of other issues, you can decide if you would like to have an addition to your family. 

  • Do you have the ability to support a kid (especially for single parents)?

    Financial stability is obviously an issue. You can’t bring a child into the world and have a foster home take care of him or her. Be sure that you have the resources to support a child. If you don’t, you certainly are not ready to have children. 

  • Are you ready to give up your carefree lifestyle?

    Being a parent is more than just about maturity and stability. You also need to understand that you are giving up a part of your old life to give room for a new chapter. You will be giving up some of the things that you used to love doing. If you are not prepared for this, you are not ready to have a child just yet. 



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