Communication Problems

A lot of aspects in your life will be affected with your ability to communicate. That is why you must learn to be able to deliver your thoughts and feelings in a smart and relevant way. Developing your communication skills is one of the keys to succeed in whatever you wish to accomplish in life.

There are two channels of a person’s communication pathways. One is intrapersonal and the other is interpersonal. Both have different mechanisms and concerns, but what needs extra attention and consideration is a person’s ability to interact with other people. Interpersonal communication skills are what pose major implications in a lot of ways that affect a person’s survival and existence. Here are a few things that you need to know about communicating with other people:

  • Listening

    Communication may mainly imply speaking or expressing yourself but the ability to listen is one of the key factors in establishing an effective communication scheme. Listening is different from hearing. Hearing is more physical but listening requires the ability to comprehend what it is you hear. In order for you to avoid misunderstandings and conflict, you need to learn how to listen carefully. 

  • Socializing

    The essence of communication is to connect with other people. A lot of the things that have major significance in your life are the ones you share with people. You need to be able to create relationships and you do this by establishing a bond through effective communication. The adage ‘No man is an island’ applies to this concept. You can exist alone – but what would be the point? 

  • Winning

    The ability to listen and co-exist with people in the healthiest way is the key to achieving success. Effective communication creates opportunities for a person to learn, experience, and achieve. It is necessary in all aspects of living. 

No matter how natural and necessary communication might be, not everyone performs in this department well enough for them to benefit from it. There are people who struggle to communicate with others and have difficulties expressing themselves in different ways. The common verbal communication problems people have are:

  • Difficulties in speech sounds

  • Inability to speak fluently

  • Failure in adapting proper use of words and grammar

  • Difficulties in putting words and thoughts together

  • Difficulty in comprehending the things other people say 




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