Emotional maturity can be attained if the mind is capable enough to analyze a person’s feelings and translate it to the appropriate actions and response. At the end of the day, an adult’s maturity is directly proportional to their mental health. But how do you know if a person is mentally healthy? Here are some of the characteristics of a person who is mentally and emotionally mature and healthy:

  • A person who is mentally and emotionally healthy is CONFIDENT.

Mental and emotional health reflects in how a person regards himself or herself. They feel normal emotions such as love, fear, guilt, anger, jealousy, or anxiety, but they do not get easily overwhelmed with it. They get disappointed, but they easily move on from frustrations and find strength from failures. They can find happiness in the simplest things. They’re tolerant and they have a healthy sense of humor. A mentally mature person does not underestimate nor overestimate their abilities. They know their capabilities and they sometimes test their limits. They understand that respect must come from within.

  • A person who is mentally and emotionally healthy knows how to INTERACT WITH PEOPLE.

One way to assess a person’s mental and emotional health status is by examining the kind of relationships they have with people. A person who is mentally and emotionally healthy knows how to be around people. They become a part of a group where they believe they can be a significant addition. They value the trust they get from people and know how to trust others as well. They can see people’s differences but are mature enough to accept them. They are aware of their responsibility to the society and they perform their part.

  • A person who is mentally and emotionally healthy can FACE LIFE HEAD ON.

Mental preparedness is a requirement for meeting the demands of life. In facing life as an adult, challenges are inevitable. A person who is mentally and emotionally healthy accepts their responsibilities. They set goals and work hard to attain them. They know how to make their own decisions and are strong enough to stand by it. This doesn’t mean that they do not accept defeat, though. A mature person knows when they are defeated and they know how to apologize. They are brave enough to accept challenges and they are willing to embrace change.