The study of the human character is a broad and delicate subject matter. The concept of personality disorders is one of the most discussed topics in the field of psychology. Personality disorder refers to various patterns of behavior that a person exhibits in a way that negatively affects how he or she gets along with others.

Types of Personality Disorders

  1. Paranoid Personality Disorder. The inability of a person to trust other people, including those who are closest to him or her is a characteristic of this disorder. The effects of this disorder may result to a tendency of a person to withdraw from relationships with other people, or failure to engage with them in any way.

  2. Schizoid Personality Disorder. People with this disorder are aloof and detached. They are prone to fantasy and usually evaluate their own emotional and mental state. The lack of desire for sexual relationships, indifference towards social norms, and inability to respond emotionally are just few of the indicators of this condition.

  3. Schizotypal Disorder. The characteristics of schizotypal disorder are similar to those in schizophrenia. Anomalies of thinking and oddities in behavior, speech, and appearance are some of its characteristics. This is also called latent schizophrenia because people with this disorder have high possibilities of developing schizophrenia.

  4. Borderline Personality Disorder. The lack of sense of self, feeling of overwhelming emptiness, and the fear of abandonment are characteristics of this disorder. It got its name from the idea that it lies in the borderline of anxiety and psychotic disorders.

  5. Histrionic personality Disorder. People with this disorder tend to seek the approval of others and exhibit the lack of sense of self-value. They have the tendency to manipulate the attention of other people.

  6. Antisocial Personality Disorder. The disregard for social rules and the callous unconcern for how others feel is a strong indication that a person has this disorder. People with antisocial personality disorder are aggressive, impulsive, lacks the capacity to learn from their mistakes.

  7. Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The extreme love for one’s self to the point of vanity is referred to as narcissism. A person with this disorder is usually self-absorbed, intolerant, selfish, and condescending.

  8. Dependent Personality Disorder. Fear for abandonment and the extreme lack of self-confidence are the qualities of people with this disorder. They have difficulty deciding for their own and usually rely on help from others.

  9. Avoidant Personality Disorder. People with this disorder believe that they are unappealing and inferior. They avoid meeting people and are usually anxious.

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