Bullying can do a lot of damage in terms of the physical, emotional, and psychological actuality of a child. An early experience of bullying can cause serious setbacks to children’s behavior and perception, and can affect how they lead their lives in the future. A disturbing statistics result states that in every three children, one is directly involved with bullying. It may be as a victim, a perpetrator, or both. Furthermore, those who are not directly involved with bullying can still witness these acts. In other words, bullying can impact a child directly or indirectly, and this is something that needs serious attention.

Types of Bullying

Generally, bullying involves subtle or obvious intimidation. There are five major types of bullying.

  • Physical

Physical bullying involves hitting, kicking, and punching, taking someone’s things, and making rude gestures. This is the most common type of bullying that happens to children at school.

  • Verbal

Verbal bullying usually involves teasing, calling names, inappropriate sexual comments, taunting, or threats. This kind of bullying targets the victim by means of insults that belittle, demean, and causing emotional pain.

  • Indirect

Spreading rumors and making up stories that can degrade the reputation of someone is considered as indirect bullying. Sometimes, this also leads to alienating people by pointing out their differences and excluding them from a group on purpose.

  • Intimidation

Intimidation is the kind of bullying where the perpetrator seeks to benefit from belittling someone. Usually, a bully frightens his victim enough to make him/her do what the person wants.

  • Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is virtual intimidation that happens through electronic media. This is done by sending insulting messages or vulgar images in private or social networking sites.

Effects on Kids Who are being bullied

Bullying can have negative effects to both ends. However, the ones who can be really scarred for a long time are the victims. Bullying can cause serious negative physical, social, and mental issues to a child.

  • Depression and anxiety can be the most immediate and obvious effects of bullying to a child.

  • Disinterest is also another effect of bullying. This can result to decreased academic achievement.

  • Violence can also be an effect of bullying in early life.

  • Suicide is considered to be the most serious effect of bullying. Even though bullying is not the main reason for committing suicide, most cases can be traced back to it.




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