Problems can’t be solved with how well you perform in bed. However you divert the attention away from the problem, it is still going to be there after your sexy time. The mature thing to do would be to man up and face whatever it is that needs fixing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use this technique every once in a while. Don’t use it too often though, for it might lose its magic. When you notice that it is not working anymore, maybe the problem is about your performance – or something that has to do with it. A couple with a problem concerning sex could be facing something really serious. When you notice leniency or loss of interest of your partner regarding sex, find out what is causing the problem. Also, don’t ignore the fact that the problem could be coming from you. It would be best for you to assess yourself as well.

Once you have figured out the reason about the sex issues, you can address it by:

  • Talking to your partner

Communication is still the most important ingredient in making a relationship work. However, there can be two types of communication – the wrong way and the right way. Coldness and neglection still are ways to communicate how you feel about something. But this isn’t right. Establish a kind of communication scheme that is healthy for the relationship. Talk about the issues in a way that can still show your respect for each other.

  • Spice things up

One reason why sex just isn’t working anymore could be because you have lost your game in bed. The longer the relationship is, the more predictable you become. Try something new and don’t be scared to experiment in bed. Try surprising your partner in the most pleasing way.

  • Show deeper connection

However good sex makes you feel, it can’t be the only thing that keeps you and your partner together. Show your partner that what you have is stronger than any superficial physical attraction.

However effective sex can be in diverting your attention away from a problem, you can’t count on it at all times. If you keep doing this, your maturity and your partner’s may not grow at all.